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For 80 years, Salzberg Insurance Agency, has helped many restaurants and similar establishments like yours succeed with flexible business insurance solutions that help meet today’s risks and continue to evolve to meet tomorrows challenges. As a food service industry business owner you have many important issues to think about like customer service, employee turnovers, sales and food safety. Cost containment, profit and growth are ongoing concerns for all business owners. Our agents are knowledgeable and well trained to help you meet your needs for protection and expense control. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive insurance package at a competitive price. Our Business Owners Policies generally provides your business with protection against fire, vandalism, lawsuits and other perils such as business interruption coverage.

Buildings and Business Personal Property Coverage: Provides replacement cost coverage for buildings and most business personal property including limited food spoilage coverage.

Liability Coverage: Insures against bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and advertising injury. This typically includes liability resulting from the sale of food or drinks.

Loss of Income and Extra Expense: Protects against loss of business income resulting from an insured loss.

EPLI: Many of our policies automatically include employment practices liability (EPLI) and identity theft, which address some of the biggest concerns facing business owners. The EPLI coverage helps employers with defense costs against employee claims of discrimination, wrongful termination or harassment.

Contamination: Food contamination coverage for clean-up, food replacement, loss of income and related medical expenses due to government-ordered closures is also an available option.

Liquor Liability: Helps provide coverage for legal costs, court fees and any civil or criminal damages resulting from the sale of liquor at your establishment.

Contact an agent here at Salzberg Insurance Agency today to discuss your business’ insurance needs. Experience the difference of working with an agent that completely understands the challenges that business’ like yours faces and is eager to help you control your overheard costs by offering you the most comprehensive and competitively priced Business Owner’s Policy we have available. Let us work for you and your business! Restaurants here in Hampton Roads have multiple choices available for their insurance needs; don’t settle for an agent that can only offer you one of those options.

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