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Affordable, Customized Home Owners Insurance for Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Communities throughout Virginia

When owning a home, you want to protect it at all costs. However, no one has an unlimited budget. If you don’t plan for unexpected hazards, you might find yourself at a loss for how to pay necessary repair costs. Don’t put yourself in that position.

Get homeowners insurance with the help of Salzberg Insurance Agency. Your coverage will prove beneficial should you face property losses, possession damage or liability claims.

What does Virginia home insurance cover?

With homeowners insurance, you can get financial assistance to pay for accidental or unintentional problems impacting your property or possessions. With several standard elements of protection, most policies can insure some of the most important assets of the home.

Your Property Insurance covers damage to your house stemming from events like fires, vandalism, weather and other hazards. The right policy can help you rebuild the home after a total loss. This does NOT include flood damage. Click here for flood insurance information.

Are appliances considered personal property (content) in my home owner insurance?

As part of your standard home insurance policy, Possessions Coverage pays for losses to belongings resulting from unforeseen hazards. Appliances are in fact considered personal property with most carriers, except on a condo (HO-6) policy. They are typically covered under the dwelling coverage which as mentioned above varies by carrier.

Does home owners insurance cover injury to guests?

With Liability Protection you get protection from lawsuits or settlements stemming from injuries or property damage you cause to others.

By getting covered, you won’t have to put your personal savings on the line to afford necessary repairs. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t take a generalized approach to coverage. You’ll need to make it specific to your own assets. One of our agents can guide you towards the most effective policy.

What percentage of coverage A is personal property? home insurance endorsement banner

This does vary by carrier but in most cases, it is 70%

What factors will affect the cost of my home insurance?

Carriers look at multiple factors to determine what your home insurance premium will be. The standard considerations are your credit, your location, the construction type of your home, updates of major mechanical systems including roofing. Our agents will review each item with you that plays a role in determining the cost of your homeowners insurance.

When working with a Salzberg InsuranceAgency agent we will review what is covered and to what value. We are here to answer any of your questions.

We have more information for about home insurance endorsements.

What is actual cash value vs replacement cost in homeowners insurance?

Replacement cost provides coverage without depreciation while actual cash value provides diminished value at the time of the claim.

  • There are two common types of coverage for the value of the home. We will work with you to determine which one is of the best value to you.
  • Replacement cost coverage pays the value to repair or rebuild the home without regard for its depreciated value.
  • Actual cash value pays based on the home’s diminished value at the time of the claim.

Helping You Get Protection

The homeowners insurance marketplace varies. As a result, individual consumers will need unique degrees of coverage. At Salzberg Insurance, we will compare coverage options from our multiple partner providers. That way, we’ll make sure you get a tailored policy that always matches your needs.

  • If your mortgage lender requires you to carry coverage, we’ll make sure you receive the appropriate protection.
  • We’ll adjust any per-item and cumulative policy limits to the value of your belongings. Therefore, you can get the most reasonable coverage for your most expensive belongings.
  • Some policy exclusions will exist. For example, most policies exclude flood coverage and earthquake insurance. Limits might also exist on other damages. Our agents can enhance your protection to safeguard the most critical risks in your area.

Virginia homeowners insurance policies can come in many shapes and sizes. With our help, the protection you receive will always address your particular needs.

So, don’t wait to get insurance. We’re here to answer your questions at any time of the day. Call us at 757.583.1828 or click to email questions!

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