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Golf Cart Insurance Quote

Adding your golf cart to your homeowners policy may seem like the easiest way to insure it. However, a typical home insurance policy only covers it while around your residence or property. 

What type of coverage do I need for my golf cart?

  • Accessory coverage—Protects permanently-attached, aftermarket equipment against fire, theft, vandalism and collision.
  • Liability—For more complete protection away from your home, you can get Bodily Injury and Physical Damage limits up to $500,000.
  • Transport Trailer—Cover the trailer you use to haul your golf cart; up to a $10,000 limit

Protecting a wide array of golf carts

With Progressive, you can get coverage for both on- and off-road use, and for gas and electric golf carts—including those manufactured by Club Car, Columbia, E-Z Go, and Yamaha.

In order to qualify for a Progressive Golf Cart policy, your vehicle needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Four-wheel open vehicle
  • Electric or gas
  • Manufactured speed no greater than 20 mph
  • Not legal for street use, except as allowed by local regulation for limited use

Vehicles that travel greater than 20 mph but less than 25 mph are considered low-speed vehicles and should be protected accordingly. If you’re unsure, your Progressive agent can help you identify whether you own a golf cart, a low-speed vehicle, or a motor vehicle.

All this protection at a great price

Salzberg Insurance Agency understands the multiple policy options that make up the Virginia auto insurance marketplace. By partnering within a large network or providers, we can help you pinpoint the most appropriate policy for your own needs. Rest assured, your coverage will closely reflect your vehicle value as it relates to your driving risks.

So, don’t wait to get golf-cart insurance. Our agents are standing by to answer your questions and issue your coverage.

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