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Insuring property against flood damages for Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Communities throughout Virginia

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If you live around the Virginia coast or the Chesapeake Bay, you probably know this area faces various flood risks. You likely have put a lot of thought into how you can safeguard yourself if one occurs. You may have even seen the dramatic flooding that has occurred throughout Hampton Roads
during numerous past storms.

Floods can happen almost any time, anywhere. With targeted flood insurance, you won’t have to worry about protecting your property when water damage from a flood beckons. Come to Salzberg Insurance Agency to find a comprehensive policy to meet your unique needs.

Why You Need Flood Coverage

Like any disaster, a flood could devastate to your home or business. Water damage can weaken structural components, destroy fragile or perishable items, and increase risks of mold, mildew and other contamination. Clearly, you’ll want your property insurance to step in to cover these losses. 

But, there’s a catch. Most standard homeowners and business owner’s policies do not cover flood damage. Therefore, you’ll need to have to a specific flood insurance policy to cover these risks. How can you obtain this coverage?

Flood Insurance Structure and Mandates

Mortgage companies and other lenders require you to obtain flood insurance if your property is in a special hazard flood zone like AE and VE. Our trained flood insurance agents can determine exactly what flood zone your property is located in, usually within minutes. We can provide a flood insurance quote in most cases without an elevation certificate depending on the year the home was built. However, if the elevation certificate shows the home has a positive elevation with proper venting, the premium would likely be significantly reduced.

Frequently, Hampton Roads endures flooding in many areas that are not considered special hazard flood areas. These areas are known as Preferred Risk Zones, which are zones B, C or X. You can obtain a preferred risk policy for a business, homeowner, landlord, condo unit owner or even as a renter for a reduced premium. Many property owners assume that since they are not in a high risk zone that they should not have flood insurance. As an example, during Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, many residents throughout Hampton Roads experienced flooding in these lower risk zones. Unfortunately many of those damages were not covered since they did not have flood insurance in place. Flooding in preferred risk zones make up for 25% of all flood insurance claims through the NFIP. Disaster assistance
may be available in certain circumstances but those are typically in the form of a loan against the
property that has to be repaid.

Your Coverage Options

With flood coverage, you’ll generally obtain the following protection:
  • Dwelling Insurance: Insures the property’s structure and appliances. Helps you afford to repair or replace these items.

  • Contents: Pays for replacement of possessions lost to flooding.

  • Loss of Use: Helps you afford relocation costs if you must move out temporarily after a flood.This is only available in private market flood insurance, not NFIP policies.

All policies will contain deductibles and limitations on coverage. Our agents are happy to review
deductible options and discuss limitations that may apply.

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We get it, understanding the ins and outs of flood insurance might prove confusing. Come to Salzberg Insurance, and we’ll ensure you walk away with the right coverage. We’ll help you determine:

  • What flood zone your property is in

  • The appropriate coverage limits for your property and contents

  • Most affordable pricing option – Private Market and NFIP Flood Policy Options Available

Whether you have a requirement for flood insurance, or just want to protect your investments against flood damages, our agents are standing by to answer your questions. We are proud to partner with various NFIP carriers and Private Market Flood carriers to make sure we are offering the most competitive and comprehensive flood insurance policy available.

Call us at 757.583.1828 or request a quote online today! You may also contact our primary flood insurance agent Cynthia Moore by email at cmoore@salzberginsurance.com.

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