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Service stations, garages and other businesses that run towing services, or services where they take custody of a vehicle, must be particularly conscious about liability. As such, they are accountable for their customers’ cars, during the course of their everyday work. READ MORE >>

By Sarah Hutchins The Virginian-Pilot © August 22, 2011 NORFOLK When Deborah Miller bought her Colonial Place home almost 30 years ago, she had no idea that nor’easters and hurricanes would leave her with property damages totaling $100,000. READ MORE >>

SHOULD I BUY A PACKAGE POLICY? Insurers often combine a number of coverages into a package that is sold as a single contract. The advantage of a package policy is that it offers a broad variety of coverages for small businesses at a price that is usually lower than if the same coverages were bought separately. READ MORE >>

Many people wonder if their home insurance would cover any injuries they received at home. After all, it is not only guests and visitors who can get hurt in your home. The same risks that await non-residents also await you and your family members. READ MORE >>

INSURANCE FOR A HOME-BASED OR VERY SMALL BUSINESSAn extremely small business, such as one operated by one or two people out of a home, may not need workers compensation insurance. But it often needs more property and liability insurance than is provided in a typical homeowners policy. READ MORE >>

WHAT INSURANCE SHOULD MY BUSINESS HAVE? Most businesses need to purchase at least the following four types of insurance: Property Insurance Liability Insurance Business Vehicle Insurance Workers Compensation Insurance READ MORE >>

If you are ever sued, your standard homeowners or auto policy will provide you with some liability coverage, paying for judgements against you and your attorney's fees, up to a limit set in the policy. However, in our litigious society, you may want to have an extra layer of liability protection. READ MORE >>

When you buy coverage for your car, most insurance companies will only insure the auto for Actual Cash Value.  Actual Cash Value is established by deducting depreciation from what the auto was purchased new.  In several instances, a driver may owe more money on their auto than what the Actual Cash Value is, especially considering cars decrease in worth so rapidly. READ MORE >>

Hurricane season is here and the state's Bureau of Insurance is reminding VIrginians that most hurricane damage comes from flooding, not high winds. If you live in a designated flood zone, you are required by law to have flood insurance, but flood insurance is a wise investment no matter where you live in Hampton Roads. READ MORE >>

If a major hurricane hit Hampton Roads, floodwaters from the storm's surge could damage more than one-third of the homes in the region, according to a report released Tuesday.Less than one-eighth of those nearly 289,000 homes that would be affected are inside federally designated flood zones, according to CoreLogic, a Santa Ana, Calif. READ MORE >>

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