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Minor earthquakes can be unsettling and frightening, but major earthquakes can be downright dangerous. Do you know how to keep your family safe if an earthquake occurs? We’ve put together some safety tips that you all can discuss to come up with an emergency plan. Before an Earthquake READ MORE >>

It's always pretty to wake up to a fresh coating of snow. Then reality hits, and you remember you have to remove it from your sidewalks and driveway. Those with health conditions and the elderly need to be extremely careful about how they remove snow, but even a young, fit person can end up with an injury. READ MORE >>

Moving to a new apartment is a big enough hassle without having to worry about cancelling your renters insurance and opening a new policy. That's why many insurance providers allow you to simply transfer your existing coverage to your new address. Sounds great, right? READ MORE >>

Have you ever heard the phrase “dying is expensive?” You may never give it a second thought until you lose someone and suddenly you’re expected to scrounge up thousands of dollars to lay him or her to rest. READ MORE >>

Anything touched by floodwaters has the potential to be ruined. Your clothing may be perfectly replaceable. But what about your family photo albums, all of the files on your computer and important documents — such as car titles and birth certificates? READ MORE >>

Travel insurance is one of those coverages everyone should consider, particularly if your trip cost thousands of dollars. If you have planned a trip where you have made deposits or if some items are nonrefundable, then travel insurance will come to your rescue if you must cancel the trip for any number of reasons. READ MORE >>

Some people ride motorcycles for the pure joy of it, while others try to save money on fuel. Whatever the reason, there's one fact that is true. You have to be really careful out there on the road. Unfortunately, you can't control all the conditions around you and preparedness is key. READ MORE >>

Everyone wants to be a safe driver, but many people find themselves distracted behind the wheel on occasion. There are times when it’s safer to pull over in order to accomplish a task than to attempt it while driving. We have compiled a list of five of these reasons to pull over. READ MORE >>

If you have homeowners insurance, you already know that it covers property damage and liability risks. But exactly what types of damages are covered? Apart from theft and vandalism, many natural disasters are covered under most standard homeowners insurance policies, such as: Fire Severe storm READ MORE >>

Your car is likely the most expensive technological gadget you own, and it's something you use every day. For many people, the loss of a car would be detrimental to daily routines, such as driving to work and picking up groceries. It's easy to take for granted the fact that you have a car, but then you hear statistics like, "a car is stolen every 47 seconds in the US. READ MORE >>

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