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Parking lots may seem docile on a normal day, but during holidays, sales and other shopping rushes, they provide a ripe arena for fender benders and door dings. Taking the time to use caution and drive defensively can be frustrating if you’re in a hurry, but not nearly as frustrating as backing into a car would be. READ MORE >>

Halloween is spooktacular holiday filled with fall festivities and delectable treats. But if you’re not careful, a trick may befall you and lead to danger—particularly on neighborhood streets. With a bit of extra caution, this holiday can be as enjoyable for you as it is for your little caped crusader! READ MORE >>

It's vital to purchase Norfolk car insurance if you are going to drive. Not only does insurance protect you and your family from incurring large medical bills or repair bills for damaged property following an accident, but it is also mandatory in most states. READ MORE >>

There are many different types of insurance that one needs in order to be fully covered. Quite a number of insurance types exist, and all are equally important. These insurance types range from life and auto coverage to income and business protection. READ MORE >>

As the holiday season approaches, millions of Americans will take to the roads to visit family and friends. Since many will make the trip in a rented car, it’s an appropriate time to discuss one of the most frequently asked questions of agents and brokers all over the country: “Should I buy the insurance from the rental car company? READ MORE >>

By now, even if you live in one of the 18 states without a primary seat belt law, you know that buckling up can save your life. But wearing seat belts is not the only way to keep you and your family safe in your car. Properly arm your airbags. If your car has air bags, make sure they are correctly armed. READ MORE >>

When you buy coverage for your car, most insurance companies will only insure the auto for Actual Cash Value.  Actual Cash Value is established by deducting depreciation from what the auto was purchased new.  In several instances, a driver may owe more money on their auto than what the Actual Cash Value is, especially considering cars decrease in worth so rapidly. READ MORE >>

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