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When starting a business, it’s crucial to review your state’s regulations and requirements. Many states have strict guidelines for businesses, even when it comes to insurance. If your company uses vehicles for work purposes, it’s likely that you’ll be required to carry commercial auto insurance. READ MORE >>

Most of us don't wind up retiring in the first home we buy. Even if that's our intention when we first move in, life has a way of throwing surprises at you. Maybe you want to move to another state to be closer to the grandkids. Maybe you can only afford your dream home later in life. READ MORE >>

If you’re living alone, you’re most likely renting a home or an apartment. While there’s added freedom of having a place to yourself, you still face certain risks and perils. Landlords have insurance for the dwelling, but that insurance won’t cover your personal belongings in case of a disaster. READ MORE >>

Mold isn't just a nuisance for a property. It can also be exceptionally dangerous to the people in the home. While some varieties are harmless, the worst of the worst can be deadly. Flood insurance is available to property owners to stave off the damage from unexpected water, which makes it natural to ask whether such insurance will cover mold. READ MORE >>

Does your business have Employment Practices Liability Insurance, also known as EPLI? This optional coverage helps protect your business against lawsuits arising from some rather common employee accusations. Learn more about what an EPLI policy covers by clicking the link below or call Salzberg Insurance Agency at 757. READ MORE >>

Your basic commercial property insurance plan can generally be expected to cover all of the major disasters and hazards that may impact your business. These will typically include fire, burst pipes, storms, vandalism and theft, and even, in some cases, riots and social unrest. There is one major exception, however: Flooding. READ MORE >>

All home owners need insurance for their property. But, when the personal and professional meet, a problem might arise when it comes to your homeowners insurance. If you are a doctor, you might sometimes bring your work home with you. You might need to make appropriate changes to your homeowners insurance to get this coverage. READ MORE >>

In Norfolk and the greater Tidewater region, there is plenty of water around. You probably know that when it rains, our low, flat elevation tends to make it easy for water to puddle up. It’s only an inconvenience until areas begin to flood. READ MORE >>

Landlord Requiring Renters Insurance: As a landlord in Virginia you can and should require tenants to maintain renters insurance as a requirement of the lease. You can also require that they list you as an additional interest on the policy so that you receive notice from the carrier if that policy cancels during the term of the lease. READ MORE >>

Are you planning to remodel your home? Will you build a new addition, or will you simply make major improvements to the rest of the home? In either case, it’s going to cost you money, and it might even mean involving the services of a professional contractor. READ MORE >>

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