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Virginia is one America’s fastest-growing states. It’s home to major urban centers around the Chesapeake Bay, Richmond and the D.C. metro area. This has given rise to a large highway system, which creates significant traffic congestion and safety risks. All Virginia drivers can protect themselves

by carrying car insurance whenever they hit the road.

Your coverage will help you in case of property losses, possession damage or liability claims. Let Salzberg Insurance Agency tailor your protection to your unique benefit.

Liability Auto Insurance Requirements in Virginia

You’ll encounter countless other drivers, pedestrians and passersby when you venture out. So, if you cause an accident, you often must pay for the damage of others impacted. That’s one of the main times when auto insurance can come in handy.

The law requires all Virginia auto policies to contain liability insurance. It will help you pay if you cause losses to others. Limits start at:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury/death of one person

  • $50,000 for bodily injury/death of two or more persons

  • $20,000 property damage per accident

Don’t stop at just the minimum coverage. We’ll increase these limits to your satisfaction. That way, you’ll create a better financial cushion for yourself as you need it.

Physical Damage Coverage

If your vehicle sustains damage, could you afford repairs? What about an entirely new car? Your insurance can help you not have to worry where the money will come from. Ask your agent to include the following on your policy:

  • Collision insurance: Covers damages to your car from wrecks hitting another vehicle or object

  • Comprehensive coverage: Insures damage from non-accident mishaps like fire, theft, vandalism, flooding, glass damages, animals

  • Gap protection: If you have a vehicle loan, this coverage can help you pay off the note following a total loss. It can cover the difference between the loan and the value of a depreciated vehicle

  • New car replacement: Helps you get a new car if you total a car that is under a certain age

Unlike liability insurance, most policies don’t automatically include this coverage. Let our agents add protection to reflect the full value of your vehicle. You’ll be glad you did.

Specialty Coverage Perks

Other costs could impact your checkbook. Extra protection can suit almost any driver’s needs.

  • Medical payments coverage: Helps pay for your injuries or those of your passengers. These limits are stacked in VA.

  • OEM endorsements: Allows you to repair your car using original manufacturer parts, rather than non-specific or salvage parts

  • Glass coverage: Covers replacements of broken glass at full cost or a lower deductible may apply

  • Loss of income: Supplements your lost wages due to qualifying car problems

  • Rental, towing and roadside coverage for additional costs arising after wrecks or other losses

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Ask your agent about these coverage elements. We can add multiple options to almost any policy.

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Salzberg Insurance Agency understands the multiple policy options that make up the Virginia auto insurance marketplace. By partnering within a large network or providers, we can help you pinpoint the most appropriate policy for your own needs. Rest assured, your coverage will closely reflect your vehicle value as it relates to your driving risks.

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